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Mt. Blanca view Handyman

Affordable Handyman services and Home Repairs
Available in Alamosa, Fort Garland and San Luis Colorado area and anywhere where the view of Mount Blanca is direct.

Any work that needs to be done you can call 719-588-7211 available 24/7
or e-mail

I can give you an immediate quote for:
Unclogging toilet or sink drain - $90.00 flat fee

For other required work, please use the quote request form below.


drain unclogging

I am not an agency or a company, but just one person with experience and tools, maybe if you would like to get the job done and at the same time save money, I am just the right person for you

ceiling fixing

A short list of jobs that I can do for you:

Drywall repair ✧ Furniture assembly ✧ Security cameras and alarms installation ✧ Dismantling ✧ Painting jobs ✧ Fence repair ✧ Maintenance ✧ Plumbing ✧ Pipes insulation ✧ Carpentry work ✧ Welding ✧ Sewing
…And so much more!

wifi camere set up.

Please note, I created a steel mounting frame for mounting the camera, this allowed me to install it in such a way that the coverage of the observed space is maximum.
You can contact me with any project if you need to design something from metal. For example, racks, shelves, fixtures, etc.

  I guess it's always easier to make a decision if you know the person a little better. Well, for the sake of acquaintance, I want to invite you to watch few videos on my YouTube channel. This way you will see how I work and what projects I carry out.

3G Conception - YouTube by Andrei Bannikov. (click to see my videos)

Any work that needs to be done just call me and ask! 719-588-7211 available 24/7


Thank You
Andrei Bannikov

When I'm not busy with the Handyman services, I create everything that you can see in my Gallery and Gift Shop

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