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Demystification of the principles of "perpetual motion"

fuel-free generator Andrey Bannikov

The world experiences an artificial energy hunger, but does not realize it, because it has never experienced a state of energy saturation.
Now a situation is beginning to emerge in which large manufacturers, especially European ones, will be forced to switch to on site fuel-free energy generation in order to remain competitive, after that it will be impossible to hide the exceptional simplicity of alternative energy technology from the majority of humanity.

In this article, I will help you understand the simple principle of technology that has already come into our world and will very soon free humanity from energy dependence.
Hello to everyone who accepted the invitation to leave the negatively charged information field and study this article. In a negatively charged information field, all positive information is refuted. However, as it turns out later. No, we will not die of hunger in the world, enough people have already woken up who have developed consciousness and figured out how to grow their own food using aquaponics easily and regardless of the system, everyone will gradually come to this. No, the collapse of the dollar will not lead to a catastrophe of civilization, it will simply free us from the need to compensate for other people's parasitism, return the priority position to those who are engaged in useful work, and we will simply switch to payment in cryptocurrency. No, we will not perish or degrade without a common unified ideology. There is only one and only truth. Truth has nothing to do with any ideology. Truth is not created or invented. One has only to leave the negative field for a moment, and it even becomes clear that in fact no one can hide the truth from humanity. Just being in a negative information field, a person himself rejects the truthful information. So maybe it's time to go deeper.

Assuming you still remember the title of this article, and if so, now you would probably like to ask why I am writing everything that has nothing to do with the free energy generator. To the generator itself, of course not. Everything that I just said is connected with an invitation to start perceiving the world through a positive information field. Being in a negative information field, it is useless to try to understand everything that I will try to explain to you. And oddly enough, right now you have the opportunity to recognize in which field your consciousness perceives. And for that, I will say that in this article I will explain the main, very simple secret of how it is possible to generate more energy with the help of an electric motor and a generator than the engine needs to maintain rotation in the generator, while the model that I am currently working on is still stopping and is in need of improvement. However, there is a video on YouTube demonstrating a successful implementation of this technology. Due to the fact that the creators in their video demonstrations do not explain the principle on which their successful technical solution is based, I will undertake to disclose the secret principle in this proposed material.If, when I said so, you thought that I was cheating, and I did not even show my brainchild, that works, so what are we talking about. And, of course, the skeptic will ask: “Where does the system suddenly get more energy than it consumes?”
I deliberately put this question in quotation marks, because this question is actually a quote, no one knows who its prose writer is, but the question is repeated memorized verbatim without hesitation, from everyone whose minds are firmly enslaved by gravity, all the same negativity. The answer is actually simple, understandable to every child who first gets acquainted with a permanent magnet and his perception of reality has not yet been distorted by school dogmas.

No laws of physics are violated, the source of energy is the permanent magnets in the generator. Any permanent magnet is itself a permanent source of energy. Hang a battery-powered electromagnet from an iron ceiling and when the energy in the battery is depleted, the electromagnet will fall. And the permanent magnet will continue to hang. Essentially, a permanent magnet is held in place by energy that is not depleting. There is a videos, enthusiasts in India have successfully created and are already using a generator from a combination of an alternating current motor, an alternator and a flywheel.
The secret, as we will learn later, is in the flywheel.
Videos that show success without a flywheel are fake, and there is certainly interest in creating them. I think now is the time to develop the DC Fuel-free Generator as safer and in many ways more efficient. Basically, everything that we use, although it is connected to an outlet, works on direct current. Also consider that people are more easily persuaded to replicate a successful design if it is made from accessible and cheap components.
Everything is new, like the first plane made of plywood, the propeller blades are assembled from the blades of boat oars and a motorcycle engine.
So it is now with the creation of a fuel-free "fimka". It seems that this is how the people will call the new homemade product. As now, in some places there are fimki - converted gasoline generators that run on wood. In honor of the famous American organization of the same name, which helps with small generators in emergency situations.
The NEMA17 stepper motor for a 3D printer was not created as a generator, but at the same time, this motor is most suitable for the design being created as a generator. A suitable motor for maintaining the rotation of the flywheel with optimal parameters has not yet been mass-produced either, I select the most suitable one from micromotors, it seems that the 6-12 volt motors that are sold on E-Bay are weaker and more voracious than the Soviet "motor on the battery named crona" and indeed E-Bay micro motors run too fast.
This article is mainly written with the intent to convey what I know, in the hope that readers will have their own ideas in design options and together we will advance the epochal topic of alternative energy in a slightly better way for the future. There are other free energy options on the cusp of discovery that, if they appear first and dominate, will bring avoidable problems, but we will talk about these technologies another time.
There is a group of people who perfectly understand what this article is about. Those who now manage the price per kilowatt and decide how much energy is produced in general. They can give ten or even a hundred times more for the same price. Now it sounds like it's hard to believe it, to believe that in fact, large electricity suppliers use secret free energy technology, this production costs them almost nothing, and people are now being told that they are forced to reduce productivity due to problems, which it makes no sense to list everyone heard about them. The more energy humanity has, the freer it is. It is much more difficult to force a person to obey if he does not move on the ground, but flies in any direction without range limitation.

Fimka components testing. Eternal generator
From the first time, of course, it does not work, from the moment of the first assembly, the most interesting work on the creation is just beginning.

Well, now the secret itself

So, solid in the sense - a very efficient generator with strong permanent magnets in one belt harness with a one-piece flywheel and with a relatively weak motor - this is a system that is able to give out more energy than it needs to maintain rotation.
To explain why this design works, I will reveal three secrets of all three elements: Motor, Generator and Flywheel.
Let's start with the generator.
When a school physics teacher explains the "problem" of a perpetual motion machine, explains why the engine cannot keep a generator spinning using only the energy generated by this generator, the teacher usually programs the understanding in abstruse terms.And it turns out that the magnetic field in which the generators rotor rotates in the same way prevents rotation, as air resistance and friction of one surface against another also prevent rotation.
This is a fundamental misconception. Of course, if you try to turn the generator rotor by hand, then the resistance of the magnetic field is felt approximately like the resistance associated with friction.
In fact, during the rotation of a system of permanent magnets relative to the coils of conductors and cores, the magnetic interaction can be conditionally divided into several components.
I will explain in a simple way, considering, as it were, only one of several magnets in the configuration.
When the rotor rotates, the magnet is attracted to the coil core, which is initially located ahead in the direction of travel, while the attraction contributes to rotation. Then comes the state when the magnet approached the core - it was completely attracted, now a force is needed to break the attraction.
At the moment when the magnet passes half the distance between the two cores of the coils, then the magnet is equally attracted to the core in front in the direction of travel, and the passed core attracts the magnet in the opposite direction.
nuance of magnetic resistance
Based on this, we can conclude that in the sum for a full revolution of rotation, all magnetic attraction between the parts of the rotor and the stator are equalized and in total are reduced to zero. The rotor makes a complete revolution, while all its parts are equally attracted both in the direction of rotation and against rotation.
In total, the force of all attractions during rotation is reduced to zero, but in practice, without the use of a flywheel, the following happens - the rotor, as it were, jumps from one side by side position of the magnet and core to the next such position. That is, the magnet jumps from one core to another, and the motor that sets it in motion breaks the mergers in the same jerky way, each time spending energy to separate the magnet from the core. In this case, the magnetic attraction that contributes to the rotation of the motor is not used. From the point of view of the engine, its operation is load peaks separated by idle rotations (Very energy-consuming operation).
So, if all the magnetic interactions between the rotor and the stator during rotation mathematically equalize to zero, then why does the motor spend so much energy in practice? There is a way to utilize the magnetic interaction that accompanies rotation and, thus, by equalizing all magnetic interactions with the help of a kinetic energy capacitor (flywheel), in fact, remove the main obstacle to the free rotation of the rotor. When using a flywheel, there is no need to waste electrical energy on "tearing off the magnet from the core." This is due to the kinetic energy stored in the flywheel.
Now, you guessed it, let's talk about the flywheel. In practice, by virtue of what I have already explained, it turns out that if you take a flywheel of the appropriate weight and diameter of the circle and “put” it on the generator shaft and spin it, then at a certain rotation speed, magnetic braking / resistance disappears. That is to say, with the flywheel accelerating to a certain speed, keeping the generator in a state of rotation is as easy as keeping a conventional bearing rotating. To maintain the rotation of the generator with a flywheel, it is only necessary to compensate for the energy losses of the system due to surface friction and air resistance. And since to maintain the rotation of a well-balanced flywheel, if the friction losses are insignificant, a slight kinetic compensation is sufficient, this can be done using a motor with an energy consumption that does not exceed the energy production of the generator.
When the rotating system accelerates to a state of harmony, the magnetic resistance disappears and the generator produces more energy than is necessary to compensate for friction losses.

Thank you for reading this material.

~ Andrei Bannikov

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