Fort Garland CO, Ice House rd

37.419888°N 105.413378°W.

Terrifying secret of Fort Garland CO
An extremely suspicious place of a possible burial.

Thanks to everyone who realized the seriousness of the issue and accepted the invitation to study this material.
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suspicious place Fort Garland.

The main thing in writing this article is to secure life as a witness.
When a person accidentally learns about something terrible and super serious - perhaps something for what witnesses are killed. As I have learned in recent days, the police and the FBI in my case have not yet shown due determination. Apparently, the case I am describing for the stereotyped perception of these organizations is way out of the ordinary. For some reason, the ordinary mind of the organizations informed by me considers only direct evidence. Logical chains of very serious circumstantial evidence in real life are not taken into account.
However, it must be assumed that criminals are still afraid that among the defenders of law and order there are still decent specialists who are able to think outside the standard template. That is, if, for example, you did not see the crime itself, but saw a lot of details that indicate a crime, and cannot be anything else, the police and the FBI listened to me, but they apparently do not intend to act. That is, in fact, the criminal can not worry. The only thing that the criminal must understand is that I did everything so that all the details of what was seen and realized were transferred to a sufficiently large number of people both in the mentioned organizations and outside these organizations. And if something happens to me, then all these people will believe what I told.

  So, on the basis of some details seen before the main event hase accured and on the basis of what I understood, after the incedent, I assert that the place that I indicated above in the satellite image is an illegal burial site.
  It is worth starting with, what was seen often, by those of us who live nearby and repeatedly drived next to this very spot on Ice House Road. On this section of the road, sensitive nose detects  unpleasant odors . Especially if you are driving after a heavy downpour.
  Several times I noticed how in this place along the road you can often see the carcasses of animals that have fallen under a car. There is only one inconsistency. When such an incident happens on the road, driving along the road constantly, you first see only a recently dead animal, and only then you notice how the carcass is gradually decomposing. But in the place I'm talking about, long-decomposing carcasses suddenly appear, this can only mean that someone deliberately transfers the carcasses to this very place, apparently so that those passing by assume that the smell comes from the carcass of the animal, instead of suspecting another possible source.
  Some of the people with whom I shared the observation tried to argue. Therefore, I will answer everyone who decides to take the same point of view. Firstly, on Ice House rd, the indicated place is the only one that deer always bypass. I saw deer everywhere along this road, except for this particular place. Secondly, along the entire length of the road, animals are equally likely to die and decompose, but it smells only in one place.
  Until recently, I felt safe and believed that the famous slogan of FBI and Homeland Security "if you saw something, say something" not applicable in my location. Even taking into account some suspicious smell observed. All my previous ideas changed cardinally on the Saturday, August 13, 2022  - the day on which I realized what it really means to be at the wrong time in the wrong place, that is, to become a witness. A witness to something that could be very serious, quite possibly beyond serious.  But for the sake of the standard of common prudence, I will modestly state what has been observed as suspishious activity.
  In the past I lived in New York, and I know that in some areas, when guests visiting your neighbor park their car in front of your house, this is called suspicious activity. That is not the same as, event that happened to me.
  On Saturday, it was important for me to get to the post office before it closed at 11:30. Due to circumstances, I was forced to walk from home to the post office on Ice House Rd. When I reached the turn behind which opens a view of the slope where road gows final downwards right into town. That very slope, is location I'm pointing to.
  Unexpectedly for me, from behind a turn, a car appeared that was moving towards me. The driver came to a stop and politely offered to give me a lift to the post office. He said that he would turn around and go back, although it was not on the way, but he had time and it didn’t cost him anything. I was delighted and gladly got into the car.
  Although I noticed how at the moment when I reached for the outside handle to open the door, the driver immediately threw a towel over his left hand, in which he held the radio transmitter. I did not attach importance to this immediately, but understood the significance of this nuance much later.
  Also drew attention to the excessively pompous aroma that reigned in the car. But I have analyzed this perception and remembered where I had already met exactly the same smell way later. This smell, a special perfume product for a funeral home. Makes the unbearable smell of rotting body less noticeable.
  On the way to the post office, the usual conversation took place, as is usually the case when someone gives a ride to a random pedestrian. Of course, I did not hide my name and even told where exactly I live. The stranger also told his little story, I think his story was prepared in advance for such a case and of course fictional.
  The most important thing happened about fifteen minutes later, already after I sent my package and went to the grocery store nearby.
  Went home by the same road and noticed from afar that the same car, in which I happened to get to the post office, was now standing on the same slope on the side of the road. I indicated the exact place in the Google Earth image.
  The thought arose that perhaps my "new acquaintance" really had a lot of free time and he decided to stand, for example, in this place, and perhaps even offer a ride again.
  When I approached the car, I was surprised to find that he was not in the car. I hesitated a little, thinking it was very strange. And then I heard a sound, as if someone was climbing from the bottom of a recess next to the road, the thought that someone was hiding from me behind an embankment near the road appeared again belatedly. When I saw that someone was rising from the shelter and at the same time covering his face with a handkerchief so that this men would not be recognized. I'll call it highly suspicious activity.
  The same car, but the person who literally “came out of the underground”, although I couldn’t see his face and didn’t remember the driver’s face ither, but I still understood that it was a different person, not the one who gave me a ride to the post office.
  I apologized, said that I misunderstood and thought it was my friend's car and continued on my way home without turning around.
  After a detailed reflection of what happened, it became absolutely clear to me that the driver of the car and the man who got out from behind the earthen heap were working together. And at the time when I passed the car back, they were both in the ravine.
  What these people can do in the ravine can be computed on bases of logic in the first place, taking into account the peculiarity of the smell in the car. Secondly, by covered face with a handkerchief so as not to be recognized, thirdly, by the radio transmitter in the driver’s hand, realizing that someone gave him the order to intercept me upon approach and prevent from seeing the action taking place at that moment between the road and the ravine, which is very close to the road, this can be seen in the image of Googl Earth.
  A day after the incident, I managed to convince three Blanca/Fort Garland police officers to listen to everything I said in this article, after which we arrived at the site and I showed where the car was parked and the earthen wall that was used as a curtain. The police noticed that a new layer of soil had been added on top of this rampart, as the plants hidden under the top layer of soil were still growing. Which proves that someone put a new layer of soil just recently to cover up physical evidence of the crime.
  As far as I understood, the police were not going to conduct investigations, as the Sheriff explained to me, the police have no right to enter private territory without the permission of the court.
  After that, I had to turn to the FBI myself and formulate what I saw. The FBI recorded the information and advised to work with the local police.
  I would like to hope that among those to whom we entrust the protection of justice there are people who have not yet completely forgotten the true meaning of life. Let's not talk about forgotten ancient knowledge, about the fact that we are all here so that the soul can pass the human decency verification. I still hope that there will be those who will make the right choice of actions.
  It so happened that my words are not enough for the police to pass and carefully look at what is happening in this ravine.
  Dear residents of San Luis Valley just Look at the many missing persons ads. And take your part in demanding the right actions.
  Finally, I will again rush to the same slogan: If you see something, say something. Even if those who came up with this slogan do not take it seriously. After what I have seen, I am afraid for my life, I know that I deduced everything that is happening correctly and I represent some kind of obstacle for criminals. Now that you've read this article, you know everything I know. Now many people know about the illegal burial in the indicated place. Many refused to believe me. And now, if I suddenly turn up dead, then they will believe me, and then the FBI will have a good reason to react to my statement seriously.
 We are all one living Аpium, an organism comprised of many individuals. Apium ceases to be viable when each individual ceases to care about what is happening around him with others. Thus, the disease of our single organism begins to directly affect an increasing number of people. A disease whose name is Fear.

Thank You
Andrei Bannikov
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suspicious place Fort Garland.

37.419888°N 105.413378°W, Fort Garland Colorado Ice House Road.

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