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Hidden reason for reduction of the Amazon longevity

This article is my contribution to inspire the future of this reality with a deep understanding of the need to stand up for fairness more unitedly.

Assuming that this article will mainly be of interest to people who are somehow connected with the eco-system for selling goods through the Internet market platforms, I am glad to welcome you as my dear colleagues.
If I say that I know something extremely important about the reduction of the Amazon longevity, which Master Jeff Bezos most likely does not even know about, then many people will conclude that I think too highly of the level of my understanding of the trends in the relationship between buyers and sellers on the Amazon platform.
Let me make my point, and to that end, I'll introduce Amazon for what it really is.
Collective organism known in Hermetic treatises as Аpium. And Apium, like any other living organism, functions as healthy and viable only when a free communication connection is maintained between all parts of the organism. In simple words and without wasting more time in vain, Amazon is an organism that includes a fairly large number, say, individual sellers.
Everyone knows that no ordinary Amazon seller has access to report information to the decision center. This is similar to disease - state of the body, when the cells of an organ are unable to transmit information to other parts of the body. Or rather, the provided connection interface is arranged in an extremely primitive form, such as in the form of data collection only. As, if Individual sellers, are not refined human beings with the potential to influence the course of development or degradation of Apium, but are just easily manipulated into submission appendages of the degenerate system. My name is Andrei Bannikov, I am a manufacturer of unique products that I sell on various platforms, including the Amazon platform. I am an integral part of Amazon Apium, just like you, my brothers and sisters, in the complex world of product development. We are the core of any market. Without you and me, Amazon will not be an organism, but just an empty site.
From now until the end of this article, I will step by step outline a trend that is emerging and evolving, beyond the standard foresight of the Amazon high management team - A trend that cannot be determined from the data obtained from survays - A trend, that is highly likely to cause a mass exodus of buyers from the Amazon platform, despite all Amazon's unmatched shopping advantages.

Long ago, in the early days of e-commerce, there was harmony between buyer and seller based on the reputation of each party. We remember how a buyer with a bad rating or without at least a few positive reviews was sometimes rejected by a risk-averse seller. So, as many remember, was E-bay. E-bay was an excellent self-regulating system.
Amazon broke the old harmony of relationships, now the buyer has unlimited superiority over the seller. And at the same time, it would seem completely protected with anonymity from the likelihood that the seller will take any reciprocal actions.
Now I will formulate the main idea. All Amazon sellers have struggled with the vulnerability of the Amazon-installed system for a long time. Each seller, independently of the others, was looking for a method of survival for the business in an environment where the Amazon platform attracts a large number of people practicing theft.

Theft in the form of publishing a review for a fee. Brings honest competitors enormous damage.
Theft in the form of perjury, that the product is lost in transit, or received in a faulty condition, makes it easy to get the product absolutely free, while without the risk of being prosecuted.
Gradual escalation of both of these fraudulent activities brings almost all Internet businesses into complete decline.
Being in a situation where too high a percentage of sales are made with an attempt to use perjury for the purpose of obtaining excess profit, and knowing that Amazon is not able to cope with the influx of thieves, many sellers have developed a strategy that is very effective in protecting against theft, in order to detect thieves on the Amazon platform, sellers are forced to run background check based on byers name and address.
In this way, due to the fact that Amazon does not restrict criminal activity on its platform in any way. And since the only way to do anything to limit the damage to the business is to establish a buyer's reputation based on, for example, his or her previous criminal record. Buyers are now beginning to learn that public information is actually checked in case an expensive purchase was made on Amazon. For most people, this is very unpleasant to know.
Some time ago, Amazon decided on a radical change. Now the seller, who decided to refuse the transaction for any reason, runs the risk of permanent suspencion of account.
This means that even with full confidence that the purchase was made with the intent to steal, the seller is now forced to complete the transaction, otherwise, he will be deprived of the right to sell on Amazon.

My mind tells me that this decision is based on the fact, that Amazon is trying to stop sellers from checking public records. Perhaps Amazon's management is basing its decision on the thought that if you're obligated to ship the product anyway, then why waste time and money establishing a buyer's reputation, and God forbid, this topic, unpleasant for the reputation of the Amazon company, if will be publically discussed?

The answer to this question is absolutely simple, for everyone who does not steal and would like to live in a world without theft.

Mostly, because having full information about the person who committed the fraud, you can and should use all legal leverage to deprive the dishonest buyer of the opportunity to continue this kind of activity!
At present, due to changes in the legal system, our Apium is going through a transitional state. Any system always returns to a state of balance, when the desire of the Apium living system to remain viable runs through the consciousness of all individuals, the most insane are disqualified.
The only way to return online trading to a prosperous state is to restore the appearance of the buyer's reputation and welcome the seller's right to refuse the transaction. There will soon be a new trend among competing companies to offer product makers prime listing placement if the product is exclusively featured on one site only. Many sellers will agree to this offer, and Amazon will no longer dominate.
Thanks for reading this article. As you understand, it was written in the hope that the top of the Amazon would pay attention to it. After all, it is written for these people too. I would like to invite you to watch the videos accompanying this article and leave your thoughts below the video on You Tube, with this action we can influence the direction of further changes in Amazon's decisions.

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