How to ensure effective protection of your residential area, if you really have something to fear.

Benefits of handmade security devices that the intruder will not be able to recognize.

This article will be primarily of interest to those of you who live on a piece of land and who are aware that there is a possibility that someone will try to pass through your private property with the intent of committing an attack.
In fact, it is desirable not to exclude the possibility of such an event to anyone, never and nowhere.

The frequently repeated phrase - "Who needs us, we have nothing of value" in the modern world is already outdated and, if you look at this issue, it is rather stupid. And in order to understand the issue, it is necessary, for example, at least once, having plucked up the courage, to install the Tor program, dive into the dark Internet and there pay attention to offers of services for the assassination of witnesses to crimes or, for example, you can pay attention to the sale of human organs. It is quite possible that the organs are just from those relatively poor people who believed that they had nothing to take and they had nothing to fear.

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Personally, I “woke up” and re-realized a lot for myself when some time ago, by absolute chance, I witnessed, so to speak, “something extremely terrible”, after which I had to immediately do everything necessary to prevent the possibility of an assassination attempt. And of course, I was very sorry that, although I foresaw in advance the possibility of one day getting into such an extremely unpleasant situation, I still remained unprepared for it. In my case, I had to act as quickly as possible, working in a race with fate. Just the case that prepares experts in the shortest time, and it is my expertise that I will share with you in this article.

  So, if you, like me, live in your private house located on a piece of land, I will tell you the sequence of actions, for example, if you find yourself face to face with a high probability of an attack on you and at the same time you did not prepare for this scenario of events in advance.
But, initially I want to explain a certain postulate, which, presumably, professionals of the criminal world adhere to - The Рostulate of measuring the degree of complexity of the operation in comparison with the need for this operation. The higher the level of complexity of the operation, the higher the risk of its failure, and any failure, most often, entails serious consequences. In other words, is it worth to the criminals to attack you specifically, or is it more expedient for them to choose another target with a lesser degree of complexity instead of you, or even look for alternative solutions to their problem.
Your opponent understands that the operation is much more difficult if you are aware of the very possibility of an attack and you expecting it. I assume that there may be times when your understanding of the situation alone is enough for attackers to decide not to attack you.
  The next postulate is that it is much safer to "remove" a lonely person whom no one will look for. I suppose that there may be cases when the mere understanding that you have close ties with friends is already enough to call off the plan for attack.
  In order to better understand what measures need to be taken so that the attack does not take place, I propose to initially imagine the conduct of the operation through the eyes of all its performers on the side of the aggressor.
  The algorithm, presumably, is always approximately the same. The first is the collection of all information about you, via the Internet, which is available. The second is surveillance from afar, in order to find out the safest options for approaching your home. Radio signals are also scanned to identify your means of communication and technical protection. At this stage, it is important to know where you have placed your cameras and what type they are. How many Wi-Fi channels do you have in case the cameras need to be frozen. Where did you place the alarms? What schedule do you let your dog go for walks? What schedule do you live by? When and where do you regularly leave, when the house is empty, etc.
  The third step is to get close to the house, perhaps install equipment for eavesdropping / peeping. At this stage, it is important to know which room you sleep in and where your pets sleep. Location of rooms, furniture, type of window glass and frames, as well as, for example, what stands and lies on the windowsills, and what is located directly below them. Also, perhaps the most important thing is to find out how many means of communication you have and where exactly the wires are routed. After the necessary information has been collected, a plan is developed. And now, based on the foregoing, I will state the following postulate.
  It is easy to draw up a plan of attack if the potential victim is a person who is completely predictable, that is, every day he repeats all his actions one to one. If the observed person is unpredictable in many actions, then it is impossible to draw up a plan of attack. I suppose that there are cases when a person simply did everything differently every day, for example, he parked his car in different places, constantly moved furniture, etc., this alone may be enough to abanden the progect of attack.
  The hope and purpose of this article is to prevent a possible attack in the preliminary stages. That is, to advise you to create everything necessary so that intruders do not dare to come close to the house. However, it is important to take into account the entire process of the operation. Since this will also help to understand exactly what actions can make intruders to refuse to carry out the operation.
  Logic suggests that on the day of the operation, surveillance is intensified, its purpose is to make sure that nothing happened that day that could lead to unforeseen complications. For example, during the day the surveillance subject cursed with someone, as a consequence, lay down on another bed, and did not fall asleep as usual. This circumstance will clearly interfere with the implementation of the plan. If the day of the scheduled operation turned out to be unusual for any reason, then the operation must be postponed in order to avoid the risk of failure.
  Logic dictates that during an attack, the cables that communicate with the outside world are first disconnected. If your internet is delivered over a fiber optic cable that runs along the road, chances are there is a box near the road opposite the entrance to your property that has a cable that runs straight to your house. These drawers are easily accessible and only need a screwdriver to open them. That is, if there is no signal for mobile phones in a given place, disconnecting the cable in a box near the road often means that when it is disconnected, it becomes impossible to call the police. A postulate is also derived from this statement.
  The operation is much less likely to succeed if the potential victim has several communication methods at once and it is not possible to disable everything at the same time. My advice, in addition to cable Internet, to also install a satellite dish from another Internet provider. Understanding that if one means of communication is disabled, the remaining means of communication will be instantly used to call for help, it may be enough to invoke cancellation of an attack.
  This is not to say that all criminals act in the same way, but professionals, presumably, try to work cleanly so that no traces are left at the crime scene. Ideally, the crime is committed in such a way that the missing people are thought to have simply left somewhere for a long time. It should be assumed that in order to work cleanly, criminals need, for example, to be able to fit specialized vehicles directly to the very entrance to the house, so that the removal of bodies takes place as quickly as possible and is guaranteed to go unnoticed by anyone. If the access road to the house itself is blocked, for example, by your parked car, then even this greatly complicates the operation and can also force the aggressor not to carry it out.
  So, now, returning to the previously proposed scenario of the situation, but already understanding the principles of attack, we can develop a defense strategy starting from an elementary level.
  Suppose you have not yet installed surveillance cameras and alarm elements and it is easy to approach your house unnoticed. At the initial stage, it is important to curtain the windows, the aggressor should not be able to find out which room you sleep in and where your dog sleeps. Everything that is sometimes piled on the windowsills, in this case, it makes sense to leave between the window and the curtain, as this is an additional hindrance to the invasion. When, for example, there are pots of flowers on the windowsill, it will no longer be possible to pass through the window opening quickly and silently. It is advisable to enclose the immediate approach to the house with a fence. Even a low barrier is difficult to climb silently, and even an ordinary fence made of slightly bending welded mesh panels, is quite an effective means of blocking silent access.
  Darkness usually gives the aggressor a serious advantage, those who is using a night vision device can see everything and can approach your house in the dark being unnoticed. It is advisable to install solar lights and solar garlands around the perimeter of the immediate vicinity of the house, this simple transformation will give you the ability to detect the approach, thereby making it much more difficult to penetrate. In order to understand the effectiveness of ordinary solar lights, imagine yourself in the place of an intruder into private territory, who understands that next to the solar lights, the owner of the house can notice the intrusion and possibly at any moment open fire.
  All large objects located near the house, behind which a penetrating person can hide, must be relocated to a distance. Based on the same considerations, trimming bushes and cutting dry branches also helps to improve the visibility of what is happening around. The hardest thing to approach is a house that is completely surrounded by empty space.
  The next level of fortification is surveillance cameras combined with mirrors, alarm devices and other equipment. For example, in a certain situation, it is advisable to place transmitters with a built-in microphone on the territory with the frequency, tuned clearly to the same wave, so you can listen to all microphones at the same time. The effectiveness of this approach depends on the acoustic qualities of the ground, but in general it is impossible to walk through the forest absolutely silently.
  As for surveillance cameras, there is too much information on this topic to repeat. However, I consider it necessary to warn that there are devices that are very affordable for purchase, which are guaranteed to block communication with any WiFi cameras. The first thing that will most likely happen at the start of the operation is the blocking of all WiFi cameras. This does not mean that you should throw away WiFi cameras. The aggressor understands that when cameras are blocked, this in itself is an alarm signal, respectively, these cameras still pose a very serious problem and significantly increase the level of complexity of the operation. Most likely, at the stage of collecting information, the camera blocker will not be used, since after one use, the need for additional installation of wired cameras will be immediately clear. It makes sense to monitor each side of the house with webcams, and place WiFi cameras further from the house and use them for out-wide surveillance.
  Now is probably the time to step level higher and begin to understand the main problems of protection.
  Well, firstly, you can constantly look at the cameras for several days, but then all the same, the fear gradually recedes. Criminals know this and therefore, as a rule, they are in no hurry. It is clear that signal elements are needed on the approaches to the house, notifying of the moment when it is necessary to start viewing cameras and come to combat readiness. Of course, in a hurry, as a rule, variations of several seemingly effective alarms are bought that are widely advertised and most often used.
  This is not to say that these devices are completely bad, but judge for yourself. Since the main goal of the manufacturer is to sell as much as possible, and buyers habitually think first about their convenience and do not think at all about the possible strategy of the enemy, all these gadgets are sold with a remote control, so that the owner can turn off the alarm at any time. No one thinks that the criminal, looking through binoculars from afar, will immediately find out which brand of alarm is being used and will buy exactly the same one, but most likely he has already bought it, due to the fact that everyone else uses basically the same product. So, the criminal already has a remote control for your alarms.
  The easiest way out, that is, the way to bring this junk to mind, is to take a screwdriver, open and remove components such as a switch and a sensor that receives a remote control signal. Now the criminal will not be able to turn off such an alarm remotely, but it is not a fact that he will not try to get through without knowing about the modification of your devices. Any passage to your territory, whether successful or not successful, is not desirable for you. Therefore, my main advice is not to use alarm elements that a criminal can easily recognize.
  Try to put yourself in the shoes of a criminal who is studying your preparations from afar through the latest optics while plotting an invasion. When he sees that you have installed some obviously handmade device with a solar panel on your territory. He will unsuccessfully try to determine what exactly it could be. Since there can be a lot of options for what exactly this device can do, then most likely, a professional in his field will generally prefer not to approach handmade security device, assuming that this homemade product may turn out to be just the most dangerous device that he should be avoiding most of all. My point is that it is much more effective not to buy security tools where everyone buys them, but to try to use handmade devices that the enemy will not be able to recognize.
  In my arsenal there are several typs of home-made devices located on the territory. My homemade products look approximately the same, they are charged from the sun in the same way, but they perform different functions. Initially, in order to enable night vision cameras to look deep into the territory where their own infrared emitter does not reach, I assembled solar lights that shine with infrared radiation at night. In some of these devices, I additionally built a microphone with a radio transmitter, so I can hear everything that happens far from home. However, this is not the only useful function of such devices.
  Firstly, there are many such "boxes", and each one through a night vision device looks like a night vision camera. Thus, the intruder cannot determine which are really infrared cameras and which are only infrared illuminations. And secondly, in addition, each such homemade product has elements in the device that make the device for finding hidden cameras and other emitters of radio waves also sees as such a radio emitter. When there are a lot of such "fireflies" on the territory, it becomes impossible to recognize "paparazzi" - real hidden cameras, "flashes", "secrets", "sirens" and "silents", all look the same.

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