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Immoral business practice
How Wayfair manipulates brands

This article is my contribution to inspire the future of this reality with a deep understanding of the need to stand up for fairness more unitedly.

Thanks to everyone who realized the seriousness of the issue and accepted the invitation to study this material.
There are companies that pretend to strive to create a better marketing platform, when in fact the company's main strategy is to increase the price of securities in the portfolio for those who make hasty decisions. You may ask on what I base my conclusions. Well, at least on the fact that Wayfair practices a very slippery policy towards manufacturers, renaming products and renaming brands. Then Wayfair raises prices on products, passing off the product as an exclusive that belongs to the Wayfair company, although in fact Wayfair is а set of products from individual manufacturers, dishonestly passed off as Wayfair's own products. In other words, in order to raise funds from investors, Wayfair creates the illusion of owning productive assets, while it is just a website with entourage. This can be understood through close examination of the issue of brand manipulation.

Light Beats Brand Name.

For me, the brand name is my most pressious creation, it is collected bit by bit, everyone who just paid attention to my work and was pleasantly surprised added a grain of attention.
So like a tree grows LightBeats® - Brand I'm proud of.

I am sure that in the main kitchen of the company they understand the meaning of the consonance of this name with a strong word - Fair. In case of forgetfulness Fair means without cheating or trying to achieve unjust advantage.

Fake brand names assigned by Wayfair

Fake brand names assigned by Wayfair.

Way leading to fairness can take many different forms. My Way in the direction towards Fair is now taking the form of the article you are about to read.
No one likes to be treated unfairly, but feeling unsupported and weak, the person is likely to be tempted to leave the conflict alone and let "big partners who never give out their phone number" to take unfair addvantage over.
Yes, unfortunately, the WayFair company likes to take away something much more valuable than money. As for the money, everything seems to be very harmonious. I, as the creator of the product, named my price, WayFair set its own markup. I believe that the more profitable it is for the company to sell this product, the higher its citation in the list of offered products. This is just a guess based on the fact that, I would of use this formula in their place. The more I give the platform to earn on my product, the higher they will put it. Well I'm not greedy. I offered my price for the proposed product low, assuming that it will return with a high citation of the product. And in this, I must say, I was not mistaken, however, when the first few products were approved, I, as the creator of my product, was in for a serious blow of disappointment.

Approximately such a surprise would be experienced by a writer who sent his work to the editor, when he suddenly found out that his work was published in the maximum circulation under the name of a completely different author.
I do not create my works - coffee tables, vases, pots and ashtrays, for the sake of money. I want to be recognized for my unique vision of what comes out of my art studio. There is something more important that is associated with creative work - recognition. I strive to be known, because I have something extremely important to say to everyone, in a loud voice. I drew a comparison to stealing the name of the author of a book to show that if it is a product design and not a book, then this is just as unacceptable from the point of view of human morality. Many people's understanding comes late, you may know that in the world of product creation, the name of the creator of a product is nothing but the brandname of that product. If a product is recognizable through its brand name, then the designer's name remains recognizable.
Change the name of the brand and no one will know the name of the product creator. And that's what WayFair does, in order to promote their own immorally grown brands, they take away the most compelling innovations from different product makers combining them into collections of these grown brands, giving the products Wayfair's own trademarks instead of the trademarks that were registered for that product by the designers.

Created by LightBeats®

Pencil Holder by Andrei Bannikov.

In front of you my creation - "Egyptian hieroglyphics Pen and Pencil Holder or a mini vase with soft mat underneath.
Trinity by Andrei Bannikov"

I consider my works unique, because without owning the secret of production, my work cannot be copied.
- And that's what happened when I decided to sell my LightBeats® product on Wayfair.

Pencil Holder by Andrei Bannikov presented by Wayfer with fake Brand Name.

And now this Pen Holder has been renamed and de-honored with fake brand name by WayFair.

Created by LightBeats®

Zen Inspiration Egyptian hieroglyphs discovery Vase by Andrei Bannikov.

Plant Pot with saucer produced out of naturally pigmented Geo-polymer cement casting with a secrets of a Maker. Placed on a very stable platform made of iron, designed to stand upright in the event of an attack by playful kittens!
Furniture scratch prevention - Soft and durable semi-transparent leggins incorporated into the stand design!

Zen Inspiration Egyptian hieroglyphs discovery Vase by Andrei Bannikov renamed and de-branded by WayFair.
This is how Light Beats "Zen Inspiration Egyptian hieroglyphs discovery Vase by Andrei Bannikov" renamed and de-branded by WayFair

So, as many people have not yet realized the true value of the brand name. Many will think that nothing special happened.
I offered Waifer product of my own brand Light Beats, innovative in its style. And suddenly, millions of WayFair visitors admire this product on the page where this product is presented as a creation of a completely different person and in the collection of this person. Who would be this person? Steve Conine and Niraj Shah allowed such injustice, probably shady promotion of in actuality fake brands brings them a direct benefit Just think about it, put yourself in the place of any creator separated from its creations...
All Waifer visitors do not know that my product was created by me Andrey Bannikov, a designer with brandname Light Beats. A brand that deserves attention, the very attention that "inventors" of the Dakota Fields and Bungalow Rose fake brands brazenly stole, my creations passed to this collection of brands.
I hope one day the masses of visitors will know how much chest pain all true creators, who hoped to develop their own brand experience, but they lost the chance for their success, serving it for the benefit of others with their painstaking work.
As of now, in the kitchen of the Wayfair Brand store, the name оf a Brand is a lucrative commodity and nothing more.
Apparently, among other things, wayfair collects collections from other people's creations under his own names. And since visitors mistake assorted brands for collections of real outstanding brands, this should be regarded as a huge injustice. An injustice about which it is important for everyone to know, if only so that in the future it would not occur to such people to doom the name of their really good company to an inevitable path with appropriating other people's designs.

Thank You

Andrei Bannikov
CEO Light Beats
Ph: 719-588-7211


My article ends here, but I think the communication with the company itself is not without interest. Below, my demand to return the legitimate brand name of my products resulted in a response with a hint to remove the product altogether. Here are the texts of the correspondence. To: Supplier Service Desk .

Dear colleagues from the Wayfair Operations Management Team. My previous request not to change the name of my own LightBeats brand to one of yours was completely ignored by Supplier Service Desk and now I am in the process of contacting other brunches and affiliates.
It is necessary to solve the problem of disrespect for the intellectual property of product developers. My product design is my intellectual property, now my new listed products have been recognized as someone alse brand under false pretenses. If the problem is ignored any forther, then it will be treated as a legal issue. You have the ability to change
1. SKU LGHK1002 Pen Holder from Bungalow Rose to the original brand name Light Beats
2. SKU LGHK1001 Alterma Concrete Pot Planter from brand name Dakota Fields to original brand name Light Beats

If my request is again ignored, I will be forced to take all necessary measures to uphold justice, which, in this case, is exclusively on my side. Thank You, Andrei Bannikov

Wayfair Responce.

On Mon Aug 01 16:47:30 UTC 2022 Sh****c* S***n wrote:

Thank you for providing the additional context to our team over your concerns with the Exclusive Brands program.
As a member of the team that oversees your account, I want to make sure we properly emphasize to you the potential benefit of staying in the Exclusive Brands program as this program came about to benefit our suppliers. Aside from boosting your product awareness, it’s important to note that ~80% of overall revenue comes from Exclusive Brands. Leaving your SKUs in exclusive brands means that they will be prioritized in sort rank, promotions, and countless other opportunities. Lastly, I also want to emphasize that staying in EB will position you in the best place for success on Wayfair and will provide you exposure across the category.
With that being said, if you still want to proceed with removal, would you instead consider removing a select few SKUs rather than all? That way we can revisit this conversation after a month to evaluate how they are performing and decide the best next steps for your account growth together. We are committed to seeing your account grow with Wayfair.

Looking forward to your reply!


If you are in the same situation please contact me.

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