Abstract Wall Sculptures with Egyptian hieroglyphs.

These metal sculptures will add uniqueness to any interior space and emphasize the sophistication of taste.

I also admit that the sculpture is not completely abstract, because the work began with a specific idea to wrap a specific thought in a veil of some kind of abstraction.

This wall sculpture was created from steel and epoxy, polished and covered with a special, absolutely transparent coating that perfectly protects against corrosion.

Enigma Wall Art size details.

Sometimes you want to share your secret. Therefore, I will tell you that when creating an abstract sculpture, I first of all try to see the beauty in the play of the shadow that the created composition leaves.

This vase is made from a stone-like geopolymer.
Color The actual color may not match the image. Please allow slight color variations for each item to be unique.

Byola Wall Art size detales.

The most important thing in my works is the Egyptian inscriptions. I really hope to interest you in my products and through this arouse interest in the study of hieroglyphs.
Thank You!

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