Focal Meditation Sessions
The Goal of Existence is to experience Existence.

A unique 3D audio-visual meditation session designed for serious explorers of states of consciousness and for those who just want to experience a higher level of tranquility. It is an eye-popping psychedelic expression of alternate realities tailored to awaken hypersensory perception.

Playing with frequency, phase and amplitude of a brain waves, as composer plays with notes - we are taking you to Journey to Discovering The Unmanifested. Surreal animations will invoke higher brain power and help you to focus all your attention on inner experience. Your vision, immersed intho Multiple stereoscopic 3D realities presented at the same time - Virtual Ayahuasca experience, will awaken new sensations and open your minds to perceptions. Bifocal Time Delation, when Each Eye sees the same frame in microseconds apart would be experienced as an extra dimension in the alternate reality. Meditators of the past without help of modern technology needed years of practice to be able to controll branewaves, our meditation sessions will dramatically accelerate the process.

Worked on the creation of this "Mental Experience" since 2002. At the beginning there was an idea, for the sake of which it was necessary to master 3D computer graphics. Then there were experiments with binoural sound vibrations. In 2009 the work was completed. My gratitude to the Composer Boris Zuev for a subtle understanding of the idea and the creation of musical accompaniment.

Buddhists teachings recital that nothing you describe with the words would reflect true understanding of higher levels of existence. Words, spoken or thought of, would only take away from realization of an enlightenment. Many Meditation Sessions out there are based on the voice of a hypnotists. Hypnotic words can put you to hyper receptive state of consciousness and embed positive affirmations, that would indeed affect your life in the positive way. In our Meditation Sessions we exclude words, imagery or sounds, that have a tendency to trigger any conversations inside of your mind. Only through Quiescence of mind comprised of a silent thoughts, that manifest in the formless sensation without connection to any reality, you can discover the true nature of reality. BinauralFX meditation Sessions Designed to help you to explore your mind, recognize and unleash your hidden abilities, awaken hypersensory perception, which ultimately allow the mind to evolve further. Our Stereoscopic Audio-Visual Stimulators based on combination of surreal digital art and light impulses of certain frequencies - phenomenon, known as entrainment, and binaural psychoacoustic soundscapes. With our formula we are able to induce a deep meditative state in a very short time.

The Process:

ballPlace the DVD in your DVD player, turn on your TV and put On Hedphones. If you have a Television with stereo sound, Headphones are NOT required. Stereo sound is Important for getting effect of binaural sound stimulation.

ball Put on supplied 3D "Anaglyph Glasses".

ball Turn off the lights, relax your body and concentrate your mind by focusing on your inner experience.

ballBreathe deeply exhale completely. Inhale with your nose exhale with the mouth.

ballSimply gaze at the visual patterns, use your imagination to immerse your awareness inside of visual patterns that you experience through your visual cortex, do not like or dislike what you see, it is only there to guide your subconscious.
Do not try to put any thoughts to what you hear or see. Distinguish anything that come to your mind. Instead feel the vibrations inside and around you.

ballConcentrate on your inner experience. Abstract Video would trigger abstract vibration of your mind, it’s like tuning the radio, you experience different combination of frequencies, and make great discoveries within yourself. Slowly, vibrations that you feel will correspond to visual patterns and become part of your aura. When these sensations occur, do not be frightened by them. Concentrate on this feeling, and immerse yourself entirely in this vibration.

ball Try to Find a place in your mind where this vibration begins, it is origin of your thoughts (extremely difficult spot to find, since it doesn’t have physical space coordinates, thinking more than three-dimentionally requires you to find that place, If you are convinced of solidity of matter you would never find it, Not only think Abstract but also feel Abstract.) Hold Up the state of immersion that you have and start to Concentrate on the Origin, Use your Will power to amplify those vibrations. Abstract visions in Your Mind are now creating pure energy.

ball Live though this moment and Enjoy It.

"Break Of Reality -An experience beyond anything I could of possibly Imagined. I discovered a new way of perceiving myself, and got a new sense, a way beyond physical reality. It is a definite must see for those, who are ready!"
~But Eugeniy, Ukraine.

"Cool Product - Let your mind boldly go where no man has gone before! It was a totally new experience for me. Highly Recommended."
~Bruno Hunt, UK

3D Anaglyph glasses

Brainwave entrainment is considered quite safe except for the following people: epileptics; pregnant women; anyone who wears a pacemaker; anyone prone to seizures; or those who are photosensitive. The effects caused by this video have not been researched fully. If your experience becomes unpleasant, while watching this video, pause or stop. Authors will not be held responsible for anything this product may cause you or anyone else listening to, or in the presence of anyone listening to the product you purchase. Authors makes no claims in the product helping you with any kind of problems or medical disorders of any kind. If you have medical problems you should first consult your doctor. Do not use while driving or using heavy machinery.

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