3G Ultimate Skating Trainer - Slide Board

with size adjustable 3G Slide Board Booties and Training DVD

This great piece of training equipment relates to the topic of reading the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt only in that, when buying from this site, along with a Slide Board, I will send you a USB with lectures on the topic related to Egypt and a small gift with an Egyptian inscription, which you can now read with the help of this site.

Dry-Land Training Equipment used in Elite Off-Ice Training Programs for Skater Development. Benefits Skaters of All Levels. Our 3G Slide Board are also used in variety of Fitness and Rehabilitation Programs Worldwide
3G Ultimate Slide Board with Nano Buffed Surface.
Color of booties we send now is orange!
3G Ultimate Slide Board booties.

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3G Ultimate Slide Board nano buffing.

Only in 3G Slide Boards implemented nano buffing of the surface to reduce friction to a absolute minimum. As a result experience of gliding are taken to a whole new level.

3G Ultimate Slide Board nano buffing. 3G Slide Boards are integral part of Russian training - used in Olympic training development programs. Portable Skating Trainer. Use it at home and skate your way to Extreme fitness. For anyone who wants a fun way to exercise and skaters who want to get the competitive edge. Sport Specific Skating Training: Targets the muscles used for skating. Super Slick exercise surface for off-ice practice. The side to side slide motion is cardio intensive for stamina training. Requires constant balance adaptability thereby generating overall muscle strength, balance, maneuverability and control. Practice stroking, jumps, spins and footwork.

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